Friday, March 24, 2017

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Teen Gay Rodeo Cowboy Ignores Death Threats, Says ‘I’ll Never Be Silenced’

An 18-year-old gay rodeo cowboy from rural Australia has a message for the hate he has received for participating in his sport: “The gay cowboy will never be silenced.”

Josh Goyne, a bullrider from Australia’s Central Coast, has been vilified in online rodeo forums from people trying to stop him from competing in rodeos. The hate has included death threats.

“Today I was asked if I thought it was good that gays died of AIDS, and then the guy said he wished it was 1850 so he could shoot me for being a fag,”

Goyne said in a video he posted to Facebook last month. “Kudos to you mate,” Goyne replied. “You’re a real prick and I hope everything that comes to you is karma.”(keep reading)