Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Latest Gay Novels Available From G.W. Mullins

G.W. Mullins author of the best-selling novel "Jason And Alexander - A Gay Paranormal Romance Story” returns with a new gay novel release Time After Time.

Steven didn’t believe in ghosts or reincarnation until on a vacation when he saw his own face in a photo from over 100 years before. He sat out on a mission to figure out how someone could look so much like him. What he found was a history that was not his but he was about to be forced to relive.

When Steven looked for information about his possible former life it led to him finding a ring which belonged to the man in the picture. When he put it on, the ghost of his former lover Chance, drug him back to the past on the anniversary of his death. It was there he was left with the ghost who at the time was still alive and had to relive a horrific life that was not his own.

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"Jason and Alexander" is a paranormal thriller which makes you wonder are the dead still with us.

Jason’s life was falling apart around him. He had lost his family and then his home as he was forced to take refuge in a mausoleum at a local cemetery. He never thought he would find his salvation among the dead. But it was there on a stormy night that Alexander made his presence known. Jason did not believe in ghosts but all of that was about to change.

Alexander had been dead for sixty years and had given up on crossing over into the light. In meeting Jason, he wanted more than anything to live again. Together they decided to help each other. Neither one intended to fall in love. What chance did they have? Alexander was a ghost and ghosts couldn’t come back from the dead. Or could they?

Together Jason and Alexander fight to challenge the light that comes for all the dead. For further information, visit G.W. Mullins' web site at

Author G.W. Mullins' chilling gay paranormal novel reminds us that all things that go bump in the night are not just innocent noises. Mullins sends you on a suspenseful roller-coaster ride with a mystery that will keep you guessing until the end and remind you that all ghosts are not friendly. Redemption is a roller-coaster who-did-it murder mystery.

After the death of his father Benjamin relocates to a new home in a small town where his mother grew up. His life is in turmoil after his fathers unexpected passing and dealing with coming out to his family. Benjamin thought that new surroundings would quiet the ghosts of his past. He was wrong.

As soon as he arrived in his new home, he realizes he is being watched. There is something in the house with him.

The more he investigates the more alive the house becomes. And then he finds out about the missing teenage boy named Eli and the murder that had happened in the house he now calls home.

The mystery unfolds as Benjamin enlists the help of the hunky new friend he has made named Joe. A romance develops between them, but does Joe know more about the murder and disappearance than he is letting on? Will Benjamin live to solve the murder?

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