Sunday, May 14, 2017

Time After Time - A New Gay Novel From G.W. Mullins Available Now

G.W. Mullins author of the best-selling novel "Jason And Alexander - A Gay Paranormal Romance Story” returns with a new gay novel release.  
Steven didn’t believe in ghosts or reincarnation until on a vacation when he saw his own face in a photo from over 100 years before.  He sat out on a mission to figure out how someone could look so much like him.  What he found was a history that was not his but he was about to be forced to relive.

When Steven looked for information about his possible former life it led to him finding a ring which belonged to the man in the picture.  When he put it on, the ghost of his former lover Chance, drug him back to the past on the anniversary of his death.  It was there he was left with the ghost who at the time was still alive and had to relive a horrific life that was not his own.  

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