Monday, March 6, 2017

Gay Couple Makes History With Royal Canadian Navy’s First Same-Sex Kiss

The Royal Canadian Navy made history on Wednesday when a male same-sex couple shared the ceremonial homecoming kiss for the very first time.

Master Seaman Francis Legare was received by his partner, Corey Vautour, after an eight-month deployment at sea in the Caribbean and eastern Pacific, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

The honor of being the first sailor off of the returning ship is chosen at random through a raffle. Legare and Vautor are the first same-sex couple to follow the tradition in Canada, according to the CBC.

"I have been away for 255 days, so it feels great," Legare told CBC News. "I am speechless."

CBC News reports that Wednesday’s kiss demonstrated the Royal Navy’s embrace of gay and lesbian troops, as such a kiss might have been considered contentious in years past. But Legare and Vautor’s kiss was met with raucous applause from fellow sailors and spectators.(keep reading)

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