Friday, April 29, 2016

Colombia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Colombia's top court has legalised same-sex marriage, making the country the fourth in Latin America to do so.

Gay couples were already allowed to form civil partnerships, but Thursday's ruling extends them the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples.

Earlier this month the constitutional court dismissed a judge's petition against equal marriage rights for heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay have previously legalised same-sex marriage.

Argentina was the first Latin American country to take the step in July 2010.

In Mexico, gay marriage is legal in the capital and in certain states.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Fox News Doctor Suggests Injecting Transgender Kids with Hormones to ‘Cure’ Them

transgender Media Matters for America reports: 
In a rant where he compared being transgender to pretending to be 65 to get Medicare, Ablow proposed injecting transgender children with hormones corresponding to their gender assigned at birth to “go with nature” and make them “feel more comfortable.” Ablow’s proposed “treatment” is his own extreme variation of discredited ex-gay “conversion therapy” which falsely claims to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Ablow’s suggestion is reminiscent of 1940’s era “treatments” where lesbians were forced to submit to estrogen injections and men were given testosterone to “cure” them of being gay. These type of “reparative therapy” practices have been rejected for decades by all mainstream medical associations.

While Ablow has a history of attacking transgender children with extreme, inaccurate claims, experts contradict his talking points.

Said Ablow,
But look, there’s not a lot of scientific evidence that it’s better to approach transgender youth with the opposite hormone because we inject them with massive doses of testosterone if they’re female to say look we’ll make you more comfortable with your chosen gender. You know, we don’t even explore, should it be more estrogen? Should we go with nature and say maybe we’ll make you more female, you’ll feel more comfortable? There aren’t these explorations. We don’t treat with psychiatric medicines by and large to say maybe this is a bit of a fixed and false belief. Not different than if you thought you were black person when you are caucasian. The science isn’t even there.

Gay Activist and Editor of Bangladesh’s First LGBT Magazine Hacked to Death in Brutal Attack


Xulhaz Mannan, a gay rights activist and the editor of Bangladesh’s first LGBT magazine Roopbaan and a friend were hacked to death by suspected Islamic militants using machetes, according to reports. Mannan had said earlier this month that he had been threatened by Islamists for organizing an LGBT rights rally which police banned this year.

Also killed were Mannan’s friend Tanay Mojumdar. A third person, a security guard, was injured.

AFP reports:
“Unidentified attackers entered an apartment at Kalabagan and hacked two people to death. Another person was injured,” Dhaka Metropolitan Police spokesman Maruf Hossain Sorder told AFP.

Writes The Daily Star:
Talking to The Daily Star, Mohammed Iqbal, officer-in-charge of Kalabagan Police Station, said they suspect the involvement of militants in the killing. The USAID staff, Xulhaz Mannan, worked as a protocol officer of former US ambassador Dan Mozena (pictured below, right) for a long time.

An official of Special Branch (SB) of police identified the other victim as Tonmoy. His details could not be learnt immediately.

The incident took place two days into the grisly murder of Rajshahi University teacher Rezaul Karim Siddiquee in the northern city. According to US-based SITE Intelligence Group, international militant group Islamic State claimed responsibility of Siddiquee’s murder

Mannan and former US Ambassador to Bangladesh Dan Mozena

The Dhaka Tribune:
Abdul Baten, deputy commissioner of Ramna division police, told the Dhaka Tribune that Mannan was a cousin of former foreign minister Dr Dipu Moni.

The incident took place on the second floor of a six-storey building in Kalabagan around 5pm Monday. DC Baten said armed assailants in guise of courier company officials entered the flat and killed the duo. Parvez, 18, security guard of the house, told the Dhaka Tribune that five to six youths identifying themselves as courier company officials came to the house around 5pm mentioning that they have brought some parcel for Xulhaz.

Said Parvez: “But half an hour later, I heard shouting and shooting sound from the flat and went to look into the incident. The assailants then attacked me with knives.”

The Daily Mail adds:
The editor was behind an annual Rainbow Rally, which since 2014 has been held on April 14, Bengali New Year. But police this year banned the rally as part of widespread security measures.
Ahead of the banned rally earlier this month, the editor told AFP that they had received threats from Islamists, who posted messages online.

“They have even set up an online group to threaten us,” he said.

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During her legendary final photo shoot with Bert Stern - The Last Sitting - Monroe crossed out the negatives that she didn’t want published with a marker.

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