Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Sends Amazing Card to a Gay Man Who Received a Hateful ‘Valentine’ at Work

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a card offering his support for Degas Sikorski, the gay 20-year-old former Party City employee who received a homophobic Valentine’s Day card from one of his co-workers.

That ‘Valentine’ read, “Faggot. You are not getting shifts for a reason.”

Sikorski had reportedly not received a shift in a month-and-a-half prior to the Valentine’s Day incident despite having worked for Party City for three years.

ABC News reports on how Trudeau and other lawmakers responded to Sikorski’s experience of hate in the workplace:

[…] Mr Sikorski has now been gifted a book filled with messages of support from several MPs and Cabinet ministers as well as a special floral Valentine’s Day card signed by Mr Trudeau.

“Know that your friends outnumber the haters by the millions, and I am one of those friends,” Mr Trudeau wrote.

Mr Sikorski responded by saying “it’s amazing to know I have their support”.

“I want to give him [Trudeau] a hug,” he told Global News.

Edmonton Centre MP Randy Boissonnault, who is gay himself, reached out to Mr Sikorski following the workplace attack and handed the book around Parliament Hill to collect messages of support.(Towleroad)

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